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#ShineOnTourism: VR Experiences

By July 22, 2021August 12th, 2021Blog

5 Ways To Explore Nova Scotia Virtually

Nova Scotia is home to many incredible experiences. Thanks to virtual reality, locals and visitors alike can now experience some of these icons from their own homes – or add another dimension to their in-person visit. Keep reading to learn about different ways to experience treasured icons – proof positive that Nova Scotia’s tourism industry continues to innovate and meet visitor (or future visitor) expectations.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s Virtual Tours offer art enthusiasts the chance to explore many of exhibits at their own pace. Of particular note, the full tour of the Maud Lewis exhibit and the Maud Lewis Painted House, which is free of charge. Users can interact with the artwork by zooming in and clicking on circle icons to learn more about individual pieces.

Cape Breton Miners Museum

The Miners Museum has long paid tribute to Cape Breton’s coal mining history with mine tours and performances by the Men of the Deeps concerts.  This year, visitors can experience the mine in a completely different way with new state-of-the-art and accessible virtual mine simulator, which allows participants to step back in time and gain a sense of what mining life was really like. Visitors can pair the virtual simulator with an underground tour for a truly immersive experience. Check out this CTV News story for more information.

Bluenose II

The Bluenose, Nova Scotia’s iconic ambassador, is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary in 2021. Part of those celebrations include a decidedly modern element – a full 3D virtual tour of the ship. Participants in the virtual tour can not only explore above deck, but also have the ability to travel below deck and the surrounding wharf area in Lunenburg. Now, Canadians from coast to coast can get up close and personal Canada’s most famous ship.

Fortress Louisbourg

As the largest historical reconstruction in North America, the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada has long allowed visitors to step back in time with costumed interpreters and fascinating exhibits. Did you know it is also home to an immersive virtual experience called “The Messenger”?  Participants are transported to Louisbourg Harbour on the summer of 1744, where they play the role of a French messenger who has received an urgent message from Mi’kmaq scouts about the risk of English spies in the area. The messenger must navigate the busy harbour at the helm of a shallop to deliver the message to the Frederick gate before it is sealed for the night.

Tourism Nova Scotia Virtual Reality Videos

A series of eight virtual reality videos allow people to explore some of Nova Scotia’s most visited icons from the safety and comfort of their own home. Users can watch from their desktop using the mouse to navigate the 360-degree views or by holding and moving their mobile device to navigate. These videos were designed to help build a sense of connection to the province and keep Nova Scotia top of mind for future travellers while they wait to visit in person.