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People are the heart of Nova Scotia

Friendly. Welcoming. That’s what it means to be Nova Scotian. And although the world has changed a lot, that world-famous hospitality is still part of what draws people to our home and helps our communities thrive. So this year, be a tourism ambassador and help tourism shine on!

– Testimonials from 2019 Visitor Exit Survey

When tourism shines, we all feel the glow. As guests return to our province, let’s do what we do best and shine on.

In Nova Scotia, the power of tourism can be felt everywhere. Our communities are shaped by restaurants, wineries, coffee shops, retail shops, and artisans that exist thanks to the support of locals and visitors alike. That’s why it’s so important to support local, and invite others to experience local as well.

#ShineOnTourism Stories

Get Involved

Nova Scotians, show your support for tourism!

Shine a light on the businesses and people who play a key role in making your community a place you love to live. Download the Shine On Tourism campaign images and templates to share on social media.


Tourism Industry, get involved with the campaign!

Nova Scotia Tourism Industry, join the #ShineOnTourism campaign by downloading Shine On Tourism campaign tip sheets, how-to guides, and templates.